Höstnytt från TaylorMade

Hösten närmar sig och det brukar betyda nyheter på utrustningshimlen, så också denna höst. TaylorMade kommer föga förvånande med en hel del nyheter. Mest intressant tycker jag följande är på klubbsidan:

Burner Draw driver, kommer i 9,5 grader, 10,5 grader och 13 grader.
Se utdrag ur pressmeddelande nedan.

Burner XD järn, starka loft. Järn 5 har 23 grader och pw 44 grader. Det betyder att man måste "fylla på" med wedgar om man ska avsluta setet med en 58 eller 60 graders wedge.


CARLSBAD, Calif. (August 21, 2007) -TaylorMade Golf is introducing a new addition to its phenomenally popular Burner® line of golf equipment, the Burner Draw driver, which incorporates two of the most effective performance technologies that the company has ever developed - SuperFast Technology and Draw-Weighted Technology. The result is a driver that delivers more clubhead speed, more ball speed and more draw-promoting capabilities than any driver TaylorMade has ever created.

SuperFast Technology unites an extremely light 50-gram RE*AX® graphite shaft made by Fujikura® with a grip weighing approximately eight grams less than the average grip. Additionally, the shaft is one inch longer than average, making Burner Draw 46" long. Together these elements promote faster clubhead speed for faster ball speed and longer distance. SuperFast Technology makes the Burner Draw weigh approximately 20 grams lighter than the average driver.

Draw-Weighted Technology concentrates additional weight in the heel portion of the clubhead, which makes it easier to rotate the clubface back to a square position at impact. Making the face easier to square encourages the counter-clockwise spin (for right-handed players) necessary to produce a draw. Compared to a fade, a draw flies slightly lower and rolls farther after landing, resulting in greater distance.

"The Burner Draw features more draw-producing capabilities than any driver we've ever created, making it exceptionally easy to turn the ball over," said Tom Olsavsky, TaylorMade senior director of product creation. "It's going to give a lot of golfers a serious boost in distance, and will keep a lot of golfers out of trouble on the right.

That's right: For players who fight a slice and want more distance, the Burner Draw is the perfect driver."

Besides promoting longer and straighter drives, the Burner Draw is extremely easy to hit. Its deep-faced, 460 cc titanium head sets up powerfully behind the ball, and includes the same attractive crown lines originated in the Burner and Burner TP drivers. However, the Burner Draw measures longer from the clubface to the clubhead's rear than the standard Burner, allowing for an extremely low and deep CG location to help get the ball in the air on a high flight.

Additionally, Draw-Weighted Technology pulls the CG toward the heel, which makes it physically easier to rotate the face back to square.

Take a look at the clubhead and you'll see a pronounced bulge at the back, near the heel - that's where the added weight is positioned.

"One of the beauties of the Burner Draw," said Olsavsky, "is that it will help a lot of golfers hit a draw without making a single swing change."

Like all TaylorMade drivers, Burner Draw incorporates TaylorMade's famous Inverted Cone clubface technology, which dramatically increases the area on the clubface that delivers high ball speed.

Combine that with the clubhead's high MOI, which also helps maintain ball speed on mis-hits, and you get an effective MOI that exceeds 5800 (the USGA's limit on MOI is 5900).

TaylorMade defines effective MOI ("eMOI") as the positive influence on ball speed on off-center hits that's exerted by the combined effects of a driver's MOI and clubface technology (versus constant- thickness clubfaces). eMOI in TaylorMade drivers is dramatically higher, and more valuable in terms of its affect on ball speed, than MOI alone, owing to the benefits of TaylorMade's patented Inverted Cone Technology. From a performance aspect, that makes the Burner Draw driver an astonishingly forgiving club that's incredibly easy to hit high, long and straight.


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